About Shoalhaven Potters

DUE TO COVID-19 NO NEW MEMBERS ARE CURRENTLY ACCEPTED. We will update our website as soon as we are able to accept new members again.

Shoalhaven Potters Studio
open 9am to 2pm

The craft of pottery has been in Nowra and Shoalhaven region for many years. In 1973 the Shoalhaven Potters Society (currently known as Shoalhaven Potters Incorporated) moved to the current location of the Pyree School classroom, on the corner of Greenwell Point Road and Culburra Beach Road, Pyree.

From beginner to experienced ceramicist, you will find that the Shoalhaven Potters Inc provide an environment that is both friendly and stimulating. It is an opportunity to meet people who share common interest and to receive encouragement from other members and potters.

Benefits of joining Shoalhaven Potters include:
  • Regular Monday pottery, with availability to use pottery wheels and other equipment
  • Use of gas, electric and outside kilns
  • Purchase of various types of clay
  • Monthly meetings on third Monday each month (10am start)
  • Participation in special workshop days
  • Exhibitions, sales activities, working bees, special raku firings etc etc

Shoalhaven Potters are a group of people of various ages, backgrounds and experiences with a common interest in making pots and love to working clay.

As a new member we offer you a non-refundable temporary membership of $10 which entitles you to 6 visits to the Shoalhaven Pottery studio in Pyree. During your time of attendance or at the conclusion of this 6 session period you may nominate for a full membership and pay the balance of the membership fee (currently $40.

As an incorporated club we hold a monthly meeting on teh 3rd Monday of each month, and every member (full and temporary members) are encouraged to attend. This is an opportunity tp meet other member, take part in discussions on upcoming workshops and make decisions as a incorporated club.

A key to the studio may be issued at the dsicretion of the committee once aplicant can demonstrate that they can work independently, take responsibility for the care and safety of themselves, the equipment and the workshop studio. There is an extensive library that can be used by all attending the studio, but only full members may borrow books.